About Us – We Put the ‘Tee’ in ‘USPS’

Postal Worker Tees is a t-shirt company that is owned and operated by a postal worker

We have been in business since 2010 and have sold thousands of shirts to postal workers across the country.

You will see many copies of our original designs across the internet, but we are one of the founding postal worker designers on the internet



I've worked as a rural letter carrier for the USPS for over 25 years, so I know postal workers pretty well. I understand the inside jokes and things that only postal workers would know. That puts me in a special position to design funny tees that hit the mark.



This all started as a project to design tees for myself. I never expected that people would want to buy them too, but once I started wearing my own designs, everyone wanted to know where they could get one. So I started selling them on free websites and after a few years, decided to create my own website. And the rest is history. To date we've designed and sold over 14k tees and we're still going strong!

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